Gifts For Adventurers

Help your favorite adrenaline junkies get their fix.

Black Crows

Corvus Freebird Skis $839.95

These carbon and glass fibre-coated skiis for that friend who feels most at home tackling snow-covered tree trails. Designed for more agility and less tail wash-out, your homie will spend less time with their ass in the snow.

Juniper Ridge

Big Sur Trail Soap $30

Even a person who loves the great outdoors can appreciate a god-body wash when it's time to get that dirt off your shoulder.


Portable Campfire Logs $20.98

This light and heat source will burn for up to 90 minutes—no campfire necessary. It's really, really lit.

Moose Knuckles

Falcon Bomber $475

This waterproof nylon jacket with duck-down lining is the ideal accessory for the friend who needs to transition from the real jungle to the concrete jungle at the drop of a hat.

Bed Stu

Bowen Boots $245

Some boots were made for walking; others were made for hiking. This vintage-inspired, distressed-leather pair is the best of both worlds, and can easiliy be dressed up or down.

Ursa Major

The Traveler's Skin Care Kit $41

Whether they're kayaking down the Amazon or overnighting in the Sahara, this box-set of face wash, balm, tonic, and wipes will keep your friend who stays off the beaten path so fresh, so clean and so hydrated.