Don’t forget to treat the most important person in your life: you.

Inner Vision Crystals

Spencer Pratt Crystal Starter Set $25.00

If you don’t care about your Chakra, you’re doing it wrong. Spencer Pratt, your literal spiritual guide, is here to help. The reality star turned entrepreneur teamed up with Inner Vision Crystals, who curated this set of 500 of the most meaningful and beautiful stones and crystals from the Czech Republic, Uruguay, India, China and elsewhere so that you can find your spiritual center.

Workman Publishing

Boss Babes Adult Coloring Book $10.95

Coloring this book in feels like getting a hug from your mom—if your mom was Beyoncé. Featuring every major boss babe from Nicki Minaj to Martha Stewart to Michelle Obama, this coloring book is like feminist therapy you can do from the comfort of your own bed. Think of it as time you can devote to pondering the inspirational women in your life and how you can continue to support them.


Speed Trainer $545.00

Money can't buy you happiness—but it can buy you a sick pair of Balenciaga sneakers to make your existential emptiness look fly.

Old School Mojo

VHS Notebooks $8

Keep all your disturbingly random thoughts in one place and stay true to your classic-movie fandom at the same time with one of these notebooks. They're made out of recycled VHS covers, so you’ll feel extra good about yourself for totally saving the planet.

Larsson + Jennings

Lugano Watch $315.00

Treat yourself to a Swiss-made watch from the newest name to know in quality timepieces. With its finely braided, polished gold strap, you'll stay on schedule in style.