Gifts For Drinkers

Give your friends who pop bottles something to toast with.


V.S. Limited Edition Bottle by Scott Campbell $50.00

Designed by tattoo artist to the stars Scott Campbell, these beautiful bottles are limited edition; the full-bodied, citrus- and almond-laced V.S. Cognac inside is just a bonus.

George Dickel

No.12 Whisky $45.00

With notes of vanilla and maple, this whisky is smooth enough to drink straight or add to a hot toddy.


Electrik Vodka $25.00

It's the same iconic, high-quality vodka, now in a metallic, Instagram-worthy bottle.


Blanco Tequila $45.99

Developed by George Clooney, this sweet and distinctly vanilla silver strain is the truth.

Baron De Chirel

Marqués de Riscal Rioja 2010 $75.00

Only a few bottles of this fragrant Spanish wine were made. They say it tastes even better if you let it age longer, but this ultra-rare red isn't likely to stay corked for long.

Remy Martin

XO Gift Box $150.00

French artist Vincent Leroy designed the elegant giftbox for this XO Cognac that kills two birds with one stone: It makes the perfect present, no gift wrapping needed.


Elit with Bottle Engraving $61.00

The freeze-filtration and sleek bottling of this highly refined vodka already make it a winning gift, but its custom bottle engraving raises the bar even higher.


Oriental Spiced Gin $34.99

Travel the world in just one sip. Opihr's gin includes cardomom from India, juniper from Italy, and coriander from Morocco. Talk about balling on a budget.

Maison Veuve

Clicquot Arrow $45.00

This French bubbly takes spin the bottle to a new level. Your friend can choose a destination from one of the 29 options for the specialty arrow tins, pop the cork, and fantasize about their next dream vacay.

Mount Gay

XO Cask Strength $185.00

For the friend who likes a drink with some kick, this special edition, cask-strength rum should put a smile on their face and light a fire in their belly.

The Macallan

Edition No. 2 $115.00

With hints of ginger, cloves, treacle, brown sugar, and toffee apple, this single-malt whiskey is a holiday party in a bottle.


2016 Limited Edition 1 Liter Bottle $62.00

This handcrafted, art-deco bottle almost looks too good to crack open, but passing up the chance to taste this classic silver Patrón would be a major fail. Real friends don't let friends miss out on shots.


Inferno $15.99

Don't let the name scare this one off your list. Aged for 60 days in oak barrels that were originally used for whiskey, this deep red blend features fruit, maple and spice flavors topped by a clean, long finish.

Olmeca Altos

Tequila Plata $24.99

This smoky, sweet blanco is made with 100% blue agave, giving you an expensive-tasting present for a bargain price.


Rose $19.99

Lillet's bright rosy color is as appealing to look at as its light, fruity flavors are to drink.