Cook up the perfect gift for your favorite food fanatic.

Cocktail Kingdom

Leopold Jigger $28.95

Inspired by the 1930s, this gold-plated, stainless steel jigger is strictly for the cocktail enthusiast. With 1 oz. and 2 oz. measurements on either end, your friend's bar game will be on point.


Hot Ones Hot Sauce $12.00

This official Hot Ones hot sauce will be a special treat for any fan of First We Feast's signature show, which features celebrity guests tasting increasingly spicy chicken wings. Or for any fan of five-alarm-fire spice. Can they stand the heat or nah?

W&P Design

Buenos Nachos $25.00

Foodie or not, who wouldn't want a recipe book dedicated entirely to nachos? There are 75 recipes for your favorite foodie friend to try out—that's 75 more reasons for you to invite yourself over!


Snowe Cheese Board Set $95.00

Made from walnut hardwood and 18/10 Italian stainless steel, this set seems more like a decorative prop than an actual cheese board. Either way, your foodie friend won't be able to resist breaking out a block of their best camembert.

W&P Design

Pineapple Cocktail Shaker $80.00

Your friend can make drinks when you come over, or they can make drinks out of a golden pineapple cocktail shaker when you come over. The second scenario sounds way cooler.


Soma Water Pitcher $39.00

Everyone drinks water—or at least they should—but that doesn't mean your friends have to settle for plain old tap. Help them step it up by splurging on this 10-cup filtering water pitcher, equipped with a fancy white oak handle. That's one way to make your water cooler.

Barn Light Electric

Barn Light Electric Co. Graniteware Bowls $114.00

If your giftee is infamous for having an unorganized kitchen, these build-them-yourself graniteware bowls should be a spacesaver and a lifesaver. Handcrafted from commercial grade steel, these durable bowls have a porcelain finish, are dishwasher safe, and come in different sizes and colors.

Hawkins New York

Hawkins New York Serving Set $60.00

Know someone with an eye for shiny things and a love of food? This solid brass serving set makes the perfect gift for them — it has enough gloss to impress any dinner-party guest. Adulting for the win!

Thrive Market

Thrive Market Foodie Bundle $89.95

Make foodie wet dreams come true with this gift set that includes everything from dark chocolate sea salt truffles to artisanal extra-virgin olive oil and very raw organic honey.


Coyuchi Pickstitch Stripe Kitchen Towels $48.00

Kitchen towels might sound like a trash gift idea, but we all need one, and these are some of the best money can buy. The factory that makes this line of organic towels recycles 98 percent of the water used during production — so not only are they beautiful, they're eco-friendly.


Plated Subscription $60-$360

Know someone who eats takeout every day because they just don't want to cook or go grocery shopping? Consider purchasing them a Plated gift subscription, which includes a weekly delivery of fresh ingredients and simple chef-inspired recipes of their personal choosing.


S'mores Roaster $18.00

Who doesn't love s'mores? With this chrome-plated steel roaster, your crew can roast up to three at a time over a crackling fire. You can also use it to chef up toast, veggies, and sandwiches (but let's be honest, it's only going to be used for s'mores).


12" Cast Iron Skillet $195

Fresh out the frying pan...nah, make it a skillet. Finex's patented octagon shape makes everything from searing steaks to creating perfectly crisp bacon easy as hell.


Vinum Cuvee Prestige $59.00

If you're going to pop bottles, you better have the proper glass to toast with. Riedel's flute is shaped to keep your bubbly, well, extra bubbly and it looks slick, too.