Gifts For Gamers

Be the plug for the friend who’s always plugged in.


VR + PS4 Pro $399, VR headset; $499, bundle

Playstation has their own console so you can writhe around like an idiot while your friends film you freaking out about aliens or whatever from the comfort of your own home. But seriously, VR is insane and the new frontier in video game technology— get it now so you can say you were a fan before it was cool. It’s also the best reason to spring for the new super slim PS4 if you don't have it already — you’ll need it for the VR to work (along with a Playstation Camera.)

2k Games

Mafia 3 $50.60

Imagine Grand Theft Auto V set in New Orleans in the late 1960s, and filled with the racial tension of the time and place, and you get Mafia III. This open-world game has all of the bells and whistles of classic GTA and similar games—but with the added incentive of being able to murder Klansmen. For real for real.

Nintendo NES Classic $79.99

Fact: True gamers love nostalgia. Pre-loaded with Super Mario World, Pacman, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong and other iconic games, the Nintendo NES classic is already one of the holiday season's hottest items, winning over the hearts of old and new heads alike.

Steam Gift Card $1.99 and up

Steam is like Google Drive for computer games. It’s an online platform that allows you to play an unlimited number of games from the cloud; you purchase a game once and then you can play anywhere, anytime. The Steam download is free, but most of the games cost money ($1.99 and up). You can give your gamer BFF individual games, but gift cards are probably best so they can choose themselves.


One S $299 and up

This sleek Stormtrooper-esque console manages to bring the power supply inside while being 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. Aesthetically, it's much more pleasing—but we're not just selling you on looks. Well, actually, we are. But the new Xbox also features 4K video streaming, upscaled 4K gaming, and an Ultra HD (4K) Blu Ray player. We promise not to call you shallow if you indulge.

Electronic Arts

Titanfall 2 for Xbox 1 $59.99

For your friend that's all about that action, the highly anticipated sequel of Titanfall features intense battles and unprecedented polish.