Gifts For Skaters

If skate is life, roll up to the holidays with one of these gnarly gifts.


Aluminum Water Bottle $20.00

Whether you’re skating or playing tennis, the thirst can get real. This bottle—from German Nieves’ Paterson League, a tennis-inspired skate brand—should help quench it.


Shut X NBA Lab Skateboard $66.00

Shut, the legendary New York skate brand, came together with NBA Lab for this awesome collaborative deck series, which features logos from teams across the league. Rep whatever team or region you want—we're from New York, so we’re riding with the Knicks.

Matériel Supply+

"Faces" Hooded Sweatshirt $56.00

Brett Dalzell, the mind behind Brooklyn's Matériel Supply, borrows from legendary French surrealist Man Ray on this hoodie, making it equal parts fine art, street and boutique. How’s that for blending high and low?

El Senor

Gold-Plated Skateboard Pendant $49.00

There’s no flex quite like wearing a gold skateboard on your neck. Just make sure you can back it up by actually being able to, you know, skate.


Nixon x Powell-Peralta Time Teller Rat Bones Silver Watch $125.00

An entire generation of kids spray-painted Powell-Peralta’s Vato Rat logo across walls and launch ramps. It stood the test of time, and now, thanks to Nixon, Dogtown skate legend C.R. Stecyk III’s classic image can tell you the time, too.