Gifts For Stoners

A few surefire ideas to keep your friends and family in high spirits.


V2 Herb Grinder $32.95

Sharpstone is the GOAT of grinders: aluminum, sturdy, and long-lasting. The V2 offers even more improvements on the company's renowned design, including a thin poly ring around the top for smooth, frictionless grinding.

Vanderbilt Wholesalers

Secret Storage Container $12.99

Carry your bud in this discreet fake-can container and look like an iced-tea enthusiast when you're really on your way to a smoke sesh.


Vaporizer $199.99

Pax vapes are beautiful, easy to use and easy to recharge, and help you smoke bud discreetly. Bonus: They come in gold!

Marley Natural

Hemp Seed Body Lotion $18.00

You can't puff weed everywhere yet—but that doesn't mean you can't partake in other ways. This replenishing lotion is packed with hemp seed oil and "indigenous Jamaican botanicals" to help you relax and recharge. (Just don't try to smoke it.)


iHit 6.0 Phone Case $24.99

Keep your most treasured possessions together with this secret joint-holding phone case.


Personal Air Filter $19.95

Get your RA off your back and stop intruding on everyone with your secondhand smoke by using this personal air filter. It'll keep your puffs odorless and undetected for up to 300 smoke sessions.