Gifts For Travelers

Gift sets for the jet set—international shipping not included.


Carry-On Luggage $225.00

So you are all set for your holiday vacation. You've clocked out of work, you called a car service to take you to the airport, when suddenly: your luggage breaks. S**ty piece of polyester. But as you know well by now, true ballers turn disasters into opportunities, that's why you ordered Away's new beautiful black carry on. It has a USB charger so you'll be juiced up the whole trip and did I mention this thing is unbreakable? Throw it down the stairs, use it as a sled, just don't forget it at home.

W and P Design

Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit $24.00

You board your flight, buckle up, and suddenly notice the goddess sitting right next to you. After you regain the ability to form full sentences, you'll be glad you packed your Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit. With a bold and spicy small-batch ginger syrup and enough booze for two delicious Moscow Mules, you'll be able to cheers mid-flight even if your anecdotes are bombing.


Apple Music $9.99 per month

From the 6 God to Chance the Rapper to Frank Ocean, Apple Music has been getting all of the exclusives lately and at only $9.99 per month, why not join the club? With weekly Apple Music-only exclusives from people like Lil Yachty and Wiz Khalifa, you’ll have a constant stream of new music to last the entire 40 hours of your Beats’ battery life.


Beach Towel $70.00

While many huddle beside fireplaces and cautiously sip their piping hot cocoa, you got bigger fish to fry. Whether it's turning up on a trip to Miami or working on your tan at St Pol de Mar Beach, it's time you retired that faded Spongebob towel with the frayed edges. Fortunately, west coast 'avantstreet' lifestyle brand Stampd has you more than covered with their chic new beach towel (modeled by the lovely Amina Blue). It's super hip, abstract designs will go perfectly with your mysterious yet refined demeanor as you head back into the water and drown out all the normie holiday stresses.

Beats By Dre

Beats Solo³ Wireless Headphones $299.95

Beats Solo³ Wireless is your perfect everyday headphone. Get the most out of your music with an award-winning Beats sound and Class 1 Bluetooth wireless listening freedom. Put it on repeat and stay unplugged all day thanks to the new Apple W1 chip, which brings 40 hours of battery life, 5-minute Fast Fuel and seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices to the new Solo³ Wireless. This headphone's premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics will transport you many worlds away from whatever airport terminal you’re sharing with 10,000 people—and every member of your extended family.


Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot $114.99

The cabin doesn’t have Wi-Fi. Your mom told you it did, thought she was “pretty sure” and, holy s**t, this family vacation just got so much longer. Your savior has come in the form of Huawei’s mobile Wi-Fi unit, a 4G mini device. Huawei is a Chinese brand not yet well-known in the United States, but its stylish, highly portable products have slowly been crossing over. (Just make sure to get the unlocked version.)


Air Head Pillow $29.95

It’s easy to think travel pillows are unnecessary and, at worst, kind of dorky right up until the moment when your head meets a stiff airplane seat, and you start doing that embarrassing thing where your head falls onto the shoulder of the person next to you. The slogan for Thermarest’s Air Head Pillow is “Incredible Comfort Anywhere,” and that is a lifestyle to aspire to. With an inflatable core and a layer of open cell foam to cushion your head, you will straight up be the comfiest dude on the plane.


G2 Pen $11.72 for a 5 pack

Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s founder, has been “using these pens since day one.” Pilot’s G2 gel ink rolling ball pen has an ultra-fine point that glides so smoothly, and it’s currently Amazon’s best-selling pen so you know it’s legit. There’s something so much more satisfying about writing things down with a pen, whether it’s a phone number or your designs for the next big social app.


No Shine Lip Balm $7.50

You didn’t know you were going to be seated next to your mile-high soul mate on your flight home, yet here we are. Now you’re talking (She works in marketing! You do, too!), and you can feel your lips crack and, oh god, she seems to be casting quick glances at them as that gross white stuff gathers in the corners of your mouth. Brickell’s No Shine Lip Balm has your back in a very real way; covertly slap some of it on, and it’s to the moon, my friend.


Adissage Slides $30.00

These slides will allow you to chill the most during the holiday season, whether you’re in line at Guitar Center (theremins for everyone this year!) or on your mom’s couch. adidas’ classic Adissage slides will be there massaging your feet the whole time, with a full-length massage footbed and an EVA outsole for added comfort. These slides are locker room staples for a good reason, and we’re currently living in the era of slides as trendy footwear, from RiRi’s Fenty Pumas to Lil Yachty’s Gucci sandals.


Daycraft Slab Lined Notebook $104.00

You are an important person, with important thoughts and important ideas. The Hong Kong-based brand Daycraft’s Gold Slab Lined Notebook announces this to the world, and it’s a worthwhile splurge to channel your champagne wishes and caviar dreams. The notebook structurally resembles a gold ingot, with creamy pages and a separated spine allowing pages to lay perfectly flat. 999.9 percent pure thinking indeed.


D-Lux Camera $1,095.00

Leica’s D-Lux compact camera is equal parts simplistic, handsome form and features that deliver on every level. The lens is incredibly fast with a sensitivity range that makes magic with available light and natural colors. The camera’s viewfinder comes in a high 2.8 megapixel resolution allowing for a high contrast image. Your iPhone camera is great, but Leica’s camera is perfect for the burgeoning photographer honing their skills while traveling over the holidays.

21 Drops

Detox Essential Oil Blend $29.00

This essential oil blend is for when you need to get un-hungover real quick, whether you’re waiting in the world’s longest line or you’re on your way to the family function. It relieves that special holiday hangover from hell, the one made even worse by the amount of sugar you consumed in addition to the beers and eggnog you pounded. This blend—a mix of 100 percent natural cardamom, geranium, juniper, and lavender—soothes headaches, nausea, and jumpy nerves. Keep this in your desk at work or apply it in the car when you’re about to have three hours worth of “What are you doing with your life?” conversations with relatives.


PowerCore+ 13400 Portable Charger $39.97

We don’t need to explain why the Anker portable charger is a necessity. When you’re on-the-go and you know you won’t see a Starbucks outlet for several hours, Anker’s PowerCore+ will keep you juiced with a battery that allows for four to five full charges, and it charges fast with 4.8 amps through both ports.


Utility Bag $19.00

Topo’s affordable and understated utility bag will keep everything together, from the cab to the airport to your best friend’s place to your old bedroom at your parents’ house. Handmade in Colorado with Cordura fabric, this handy little dude will keep your USB cables, chargers, and notepads together all in one place. Topo’s utility bag is both sturdy and discreet, fitting easily inside your luggage.


Ivory Edition Playing Cards $9.95

Theory11’s Ivory Edition cards are for when billiards need to be a little bit extra. Regular sets of playing cards are cool, but they aren’t designed in collaboration with Steve Cohen, “The Millionaire’s Magician” and the star of the Waldorf Astoria’s magic show. Having a set of playing cards, particularly ones printed with gold metallic ink, is classy AF and low-key fun and easy to whip out during flight delays or to impress your grandparents (who’ve made 10 comments today alone about everyone being on their phones.)


118/S 57mm Sunglasses $139.00

Santa says you’ve been...a very good boy this year. Treat yourself to a pair of Carrera’s sleekest sunglasses, a classic aviator frame from their Maverick collection. Sculpted from lasercut stainless steel with smoky lenses made out of polycarbonate, these glasses evoke images of fast cars, Cuban cafes, and sunshine. You’ll want to be channeling all of these things whether you’re spending the holidays in warm climates or dreaming of that while at your parents’ house in Iowa.