Gifts For Trump Voters

The holidays are all about spreading love to all your friends and family—even the misguided ones.

Spiegel & Grau

Between the World and Me Hardcover $14.40

It doesn't get more woke than Ta-Nehisi Coates and his critically beloved book, written as a letter to his son. It's essential reading on the black male experience.


Coalface by Lush $14.95

As Christmas lore tells it, Santa gives a lump of coal to naughty children. Encourage the Trump supporter in your life to do better and stay fresh with Lush's charcoal-based soap and scrub.

National Center for Constitutional Studies

The Constitution of the United States Paperback $1

Real patriots should have an understanding of the Constitution beyond what Rush Limbaugh tells them is in there. Imagine their surprise when they see that there are 27 amendments, not just the second one.


Not All Men Mug $15.00

Trick your Trump-voting friend/ex-friend into ironically commemorating fragile bros' go-to response to feminist complaints with VaughnPinpin's Not All Men mug.

Harper Perennial Modern Classics

A People's History of the United States $14.99

Howard Zinn's classic progressive tome is the kind of American history Trump supporters definitely need to supplement their diet of Fox News and Breitbart.


Kanye 2020 Hat $19.95

Trump supporters have already proven they like campaign merch and unqualified candidates.