Gifts For Hypebeasts

No need to wait in line. If it’s too hard copping for your too-cool friend who’s first to everything fresh, read on.


Cap'n Kith Fleece Slippers $35

Cap’n Kith is more than just a cereal: It’s a lifestyle. These fleece slippers are part of Kith's partnership with Cap'n Crunch — but the hypebeast in your life knows that already, trust us.


Camo Card Case $227

Help them keep their lives completely beasty all the way down to their camo business card case, which is sure to make a splash whey they're networking at Agenda.

Worthington Direct

Padded Folding Chair $26.95

Your favorite hypebeast will appreciate the padded cushion on this easy-to-carry chair when they line up for the latest drop two days early.


Legends Day Sweatpant $130

True diehards stay on brand, even when they’re lounging. Rep for the Kithset in these extra comfy logo sweatpants.

Jason Markk

Jason Markk Limited Edition Holiday Box $50

All self-respecting hypebeasts know they need to keep their sneakers looking fresh at all times. This special holiday edition of Jason Markk's sneaker cleaning kit has all the essentials, from a powerful cleaning solution to a microfiber towel for that finishing touch.


Kobe A.D. $160

Kobe Bryant called it quits on the basketball court last season, but his signature line with Nike lives on with the Kobe A.D. The sneaker features everything we’ve come to know and love from Kobe’s shoes: It’s a low-top shoe with Zoom Air that can be worn on and off the court. Expect the sneakers to release on December 16.